At CreateAthon@WVU, we believe ‘a dream is worth more than sleep.’ We also believe you can help us make dreams a reality. 

Going without sleep for 24-hours to help three area nonprofits have the marketing materials they dream of is worth it…Will you help them by making a financial contribution? You can support them at this secure portal. 


In case you aren’t familiar, CreateAthon is a non-profit organization committed to promoting the pro-bono movement by organizing and implementing 24-hour creative marathons. CreateAthon@WVU unites students with creative professionals to craft pro-bono materials for deserving non-profit organizations. The volunteers will come from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds and will come together to harness their creative skills for social good.


This year, CreateAthon@WVU will be developing marketing and promotional materials to support the mission of Rosenbaum Family HouseHomeward Bound and Morgantown Theatre Company.


While the event provides free strategies and materials for the nonprofits, it does cost money to run. In order to make CreateAthon a success, we will need food, t-shirts, office supplies, promotional material, prizes and definitely a good bit of caffeine. If you choose to contribute to this event, your donation will help provide us with the necessary resources needed to make it a success.


Become a sponsor

Hosting CreateAthon is no small feat.

If you would like to help by donating funds, services, or resources, please get in touch with Allison Fladd at


Thank you to our friends and family for donation through

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Thank you to our sponsors

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