Since 1977, Preston County Workshop has worked to integrate individuals with disabilities and special needs into the local Preston County area workforce, providing the necessary support to allow them to work alongside non-disabled individuals. Preston County believes that this builds a more sustainable economy and helps the participant reach their full potential in a career path tailored to their capabilities. The organization has found that individuals take vast pride in their ability to bring home a livable wage and and reduce dependence on government programs. The nonprofit organization has succeeded in creating mutually beneficial partnerships with both area businesses and government agencies.

The PCW CreateAthon team put together a variety of communications materials, one of these being a wonderful video that we felt really brought out the heart of PCW. 

Aside from the video, the PCW team created a brochure, business cards, invitations, a website, and letterhead tailored specifically for use by PCW.


Scott’s Run Settlement House has been serving the Scott’s Run community outside of Morgantown for nearly 100 years. The organization prides itself on its ability to evolve with the community to fit its needs, which now primarily focus on food and the family structure. Over the years, Scott’s Run Settlement House has offered many different programs and services from English classes to doctors’ offices.

The SRS CreateAthon team worked hard together for 24 hours to create stunning communications materials for Scott's Run.

They created a video promoting the holiday gift basket program that is put on each year by SRS using the newly minted "Fill a Basket, Fill a Heart" slogan.

Aside from their great video, the team was able to create several infographics that put into perspective how much even a small donation means to families and people in need. 


The Shack Neighborhood House has been a staple in the Scott’s Run community outside of Morgantown for several generations. Since its creation in 1928, the Shack has been providing a safe and secure place for families and children to learn, grow and have fun, but how exactly it accomplishes that goal has evolved over the years. The Shack is dedicated to growing with its community to provide the services needed. Though its primary programs revolve around child care and support in all its various forms, the organization strives to serve those in all stages of life from infants to the elderly.

Throughout the 24 hours of CreateAthon the Shack Neighborhood House team was able to create several great communications tools and materials including a video montage, several flyers, templates, a brochure,  and a website.

The team came up with a new tagline for the Shack, "No matter how you say it, you're always family." Which they felt truly embodied the heart and soul of the Shack Neighborhood house.